Terms of Service

The official terms of service for LuaCode Studios.


This document (terms of service) defines the things you can and cannot do within our company, LuaCode Studios. Upon visiting our website and/or using our services, you agree to all the terms provided below whether you have read this document or not; we of course advise you to read this document before doing so. While reading this document, please note that the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to LuaCode Studios.

Transactions within our company:

Any transactions within our company may be applicable for refunds based on what product/service it correlates with. We do not guarantee a refund will be applicable for the product/service and we have strict refund policies. These policies are available to be viewed on the product/service’s specific terms or website.

We are not responsible for any transactions that are made off-site or not with an official staff member. If the transaction that is made off-site or not with an official staff member is not completed, you may still report it to us so we can investigate, but we cannot guarantee that we will solve the problem with the transaction.

Any transactions that are not made with an official staff member or made off-site and are products/services that we rightfully own, not only will you be responsible for any legal disputes, but the company/individual you are purchasing the product from will be involved.

Usage of our services/products:

Upon purchasing and receiving one of our products/services, we expect you to use it as is intended, please read more in the section below, “Product/service Abusability” to learn what you can and cannot do with our products/services.

Product/service Abusability:

We do not tolerate any abuse of our products/services, and this will result in the immediate removal of the corresponding product/service. If you encounter someone abusing one of our products/services, you can contact us and provide us with the necessary information.